Momma Dog a.k.a. Penny

This sweet and smart dog has been through a lot in her young life. She was found at Morgan's Bluff in North Andros, Bahamas living on the street in the bushes with three of her offspring. Meanwhile, she was pregnant again and carrying thirteen puppies! Fortunately, Momma was able to be fed regular meals during most of her pregnancy and gave birth under human care, creating an unusual circumstance for many potcake pups. This unique scenario gave her puppies a much more promising shot at life and good health. After successfully nursing her liter for 10 weeks, she and all eleven surviving puppies found happy homes.

Momma Dog's liter a.k.a. Tiki Pups

These cherished puppies were born at the family home, under a tiki hut on December 7th, 2019 in North Andros, Bahamas. Ten weeks later they arrived in Oregon giving so many families an exciting, new purpose in life and vice versa.