Adoption Opportunities

Would you like to help one of these island dogs and become a part of our animal rescues? Whether you are interested in adopting now or in the future, fill out an application. You’ll be one step closer to saving a dog’s life. Availability occurs at different times of the year. We reach out to our applicants in order as soon as we have Potcakes ready for adoption.

Support our upcoming clinics

Our goal is to achieve 2 spay and neuter clinics for animals living on the island of Andros, Bahamas. Your donation contributes towards spay/neuter, lodging transportation, vaccinations, de-worming medications, emergency vet care, food/water, and of course, love.


These clinics are crucial

As you might know, life for animals living on the Bahamas Islands has always been difficult. Still, these past couple of years have made it even more challenging for the Potcakes as COVID-19 put a halt to the clinics and fundraising. Therefore, we have a lot of work to catch up on. Like previous years, before the pandemic, we team up with non-profit organizations like BAARK (The Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness), Potcakes of Andros, and other communities for many years to help maintain the populations. These efforts have had incredible outcomes for the Potcakes and we are happy to be back to business!

Do you know how many puppies can be produced by a female dog and her offspring in six years? 67,000!

Without any veterinarian resources on the Island of Andros, this is another reason why it is so essential to mobilize these clinics. Unfortunately, resources are already scarce for these island animals, and when the number of stray dogs and cats grows, finding food becomes even harder for them, and disease is more rampant.

With all the extra help and funds needed, we ask you to consider donating. Your donation contributes to the average cost of $100 per animal to spay/neuter, lodging transportation, vaccinations, de-worming medications, emergency vet care, food, and of course, love.